Halit Narin Vocational Secondary School- TURKEY

Halit Narin Vocational Secondary School- TURKEY

Halit Narin Vocational Secondary School is the coordinator school of this project. The project was developed in cooperation with the local partner Sıtkı Zaralı.

In this project this school is working rhythm, dance and art therapy with SEN students.

İçmeler Halit Narin MTAL was established in 1997 in Marmaris, Muğla. Our hotel has an application hotel, 20 classrooms and 7 workshops, 1 support training room; There are 1 principal, 3 assistant principals, 1 psychological counselor, 25 teachers and 187 students. There are 1 autism, 2 medium-severe and 1 mild special education classes. A total of 15 special education students are enrolled in these classes. There are 14 special educational needs students in our school classes. Our special education department takes part in the innovative projects of TEMA, an environmental non-governmental organization in our country.

Our school attaches importance to European studies; Currently, there are EU projects which are coordinated by our school and carried out with provincial national education. Our teachers actively work with their students in eTwinning projects and activities. Projects have been awarded the national quality label by the national agency turkey; and in 2018 - 2019, our school has become an eTwinning school. Our teachers are experienced teachers who have worked in various European projects.


Contact Person: Mükerrem Ortaakarsu - Special Education Needs Teacher

                                Mail: m_haymana@yahoo.com


Trainning Coordinators:  Elçin Kaya - Fashion Designer Teacher

                                                Suna Kantar Topal - Music Teacher


School Web page: http://halitnarin.meb.k12.tr/

Adress: İçmeler mah. Barbaros cad. No:2 Marmaris/MUĞLA , TURKEY